Calibrating Pierce Height:

In order for “Pierce Height” to work properly, the software needs to know the distance that Z travels after it touches and makes contact with the floating head switch.  To do this, follow these steps….

    1. Check that the floating head switch is connected and working properly by lifting up on the torch so it makes contact with the floating head switch mounted to the side of the torch.  When this switch makes contact, the yellow LED labeled “Contact” should come on.  If it doesn’t, do not continue.  Automatic referencing will not work.
    2. Set Pierce Height to .25” and find a piece of ¼” material you can use as a feeler gauge.  We use a piece of ¼” cold rolled.
    3. Jog the torch over some fairly heavy material that will not distort when the torch touches off to it.
    4. Jog the Z down to about ½” off the material.
    5. Press “Reference Torch” on the Mach3 screen. This loads a small segement of G-Code.
    6. Press "Cycle Start" to run the referencing routine.

The torch should go down, touch off and come back up to .25”.  Use your ¼” feeler gauge to check the torch height.  If it is too low, go to the “Settings” screen and increase “Torch Switch Offset”.  After adjusting the Torch Switch Offset, repeat the steps above and re-check the pierce height.  If it is still not right, re-adjust the Torch Switch Offset and repeat.  This a trial and error process, but the good news is that once it’s done you shouldn’t have to do it again.