Pause a Job:

There are two ways to pause a job in a controlled manner where you can restart where you stopped.

(1) Feed Hold: Feed hold pauses the machine and turns the torch off in the middle of a cut in a controlled manner. It is not an immediate stop. In an emergency, ESTOP should be used. While in feed hold, you can jog the Z up and change consumables or clear an obstruction. When done, lower the Z back down to cut height and press "Cycle Start". The torch will automatically light when you press Cycle following a Feed Hold.

(2) Optional Stop: When turned on, Optional Stop pauses when it hits an M01 in the G-Code. There is an M01 in the code following every M05 (Torch off command). When Optional Stop is turned on, the machine will pause between each part. This is the prefered way to pause as the machine stops at a point where the torch is normally off.

To use Optional Stop, turn it on when you wish to pause. When the current cut is finished, the machine will pause. Like Feed Hold, while in Optional Stop, you can jog up and down, change consumables, clear obstructions, etc. To resume cutting, lower the Z back to roughly the height it was when it paused and press "Cycle Start".