Recovering From a Plasma Fault:

From time to time you may experience a plasma fault where the plasma shuts down and motion stops. Mach3 is constantly monitoring the Arc OK signal and when that signal is lost, Mach goes into a paused state waiting for the Arc OK to come back. When Arc OK is restored, Mach will begine moving again. These fault are usally easy to recover from. The first step is to determine what made it stop. The plasma will likely be showing a fault code. Follow these steps to recover.....

Method 1:

(1) If the torch LED on the Program Run screen is lit, press the "Torch" button to cycle it off.

(1) Fix the fault on the plasma and cycle the power off and on (On the plasma power supply).

(2) Press the "Torch" button to re-light the torch. When Mach senses that Arc OK has been restored, normal motion will resume. This method can leave a small uncut area in the part. If the uncut area is a straight line on either the X or Y axis, you can jog cut the uncut part.

Method 2:

Use Run From Here.