Setting Up a Hand Held Remote:

The most reliable remote is a USB keypad available at any office supply store. We reccommend the Targus brand. This is a good quality keypad for under $20. If you drop in the water table, run over it with the forklift or drop steel on it (Yes, we've done all of the above), you're only out $20.

Go to your favorite office supply store and buy the Targus USB keypad pictured below as well as a 10' USB extension cable. To connect the remote to the machine, just plug it into one of the USB ports. The handheld keypad will now mirror the keypad built into the keyboard. Both will work at the same time.

The USB keypad has more buttons that the keypad guilt into the keyboard and thus, has more functions available. The TruCut screenset is already mapped to the Targus keypad, so all you have to do is plug it in and follow the keypad legend below. To see the keypad legend for the built in keypad, click here.