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To be an effective designer today, you need tools to quickly develop your designs and accurately communicate them to everyone in the team.


Start with a sketch, drawing, physical model, scan data, or only an idea—Rhino provides the tools to accurately model and document your designs ready for rendering, animation, drafting, engineering, analysis, and manufacturing or construction.

Rhino can create, edit, analyze, document, render, animate, and translate NURBS curves, surfaces, and solids with no limits on complexity, degree, or size. Rhino also supports polygon meshes and point clouds. Rhino offers:

Uninhibited free-form 3-D modeling. Tools like those found only in products costing 20 to 50 times more. Accurately model any shape you can imagine.

Extreme precision. Design, prototype, engineer, analyze, document, and manufacture anything of any size no matter how small or how large.

Unrestricted editing. Revise freely without concern about how you got there or where you want to go next.

2-D drafting, annotation, and illustration. In addition, flatten 3-D surfaces into 2-D patterns and drive laser, plasma, and water jet cutters.

Large project organization. Work with both large models and large teams.

Compatibility. Exchange files with your other design, drafting, CAM, engineering, analysis, rendering, animation, and illustration software.

File read and repair. Fix extremely challenging IGES and mesh files.

Direct connection. Support for wide variety of 3-D digitizing arms, 3-D scanners, and 3-D printers.

Customization. Easy-to-use tools let both you and software developers make Rhino fit your special needs.

Short learning curve. Focus on design and visualization without being distracted by the software.

Speed. Even on an ordinary laptop computer Rhino is fast. No special hardware is required.

Affordability. Ordinary hardware. Short learning curve. Priced like other Windows software. No maintenance fees. Worldwide support is included.

Whether your CAD needs are simply drawing 2D parts or creating complex 3D models, Rhino3D will take you there. for users who need true shape nesting, we offer RhinoNest and for those interested in complete CAD/CAM package, we offer RhinoCAM.

Time is money these days and Rhino3D saves you both...

  • A shorter learning curve means you are up and running faster.
  • The intuitive user interface means you spend less time drawing.
  • The low price of only $895 means you get a world class CAD program for a fraction the cost of competetive software.

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